Happy Halloween from Centre-Line

By Centre-Line  |  October 31, 2018

Here at Centre-Line, we take Halloween verrrrry seriously. It’s scary how seriously we take Halloween. We often scare ourselves when we show up to work wearing head-to-toe matching outfits. So for this year’s costumes, we considered picking a theme for our office. But when push came to shove, we realized we all arrived dressed as a form of our inner-most selves. Deep, right? Erica sported her bikini bod as a tourist from Nantucket, taking advantage of the warm weather down here during the Northeast’s arctic Autumn.

Claire whipped together a fabulous lunch lady ensemble, complete with a spatula, orthopedic shoes, and junk in the trunk. She even fulfilled the role by making sandwiches for the entire office. Throughout the day, anyone who crossed her was met with a sharp, glaring look over her low-sitting reading glasses. At one point, while aggressively smacking a metal spatula into her calloused hand, Claire announced to everyone that pigeon would be on the menu for next week.

Jessica, decked out in her Biggie crop top, Adidas kicks, and a fat gold chain, brought it back to her roots as a Chica from Hialeah. Her commitment to the look was real. She even got three tattoos–face, neck, and lower back. It was topped off with a rhinestone denim flat-brimmed hat, and embroidered on the front was “SEXY” in bright orange as a way to pay homage to her homies at Centre-Line.

We all had a good laugh and learned a little bit about each other. It’s scary how much you think you may know someone, and then Halloween brings out their true colors. We’re already counting down the days until next year’s Halloween shenanigans.

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